Flexible Fleet Options

Flexible Fleet Options

At Skystream Jet, we offer an extensive line of modern aircraft available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each aircraft is maintained to highest standards of safety with comfortable, luxurious interiors, wifi, and the latest avionics technology. We want your private jet experience to be the best it can be. Our aim is simple, we want you to return for another flight, so we go out of our way to exceed your expectations.


  • Gulfstream G200

    Gulfstream G200 SUPER MIDSIZE JET (N921TH) The Gulfstream G200 features a large comfortable cabin with seating for up to 9 passengers. Combining a large cabin, considerable range, and constant reliability, the G200 is ideal for fulfilling long distance trips in style and comfort. This world class performer delivers exceptional payload capability without sacrificing speed range […]

  • Gulfstream G300

    Gulfstream G300 HEAVY JET (N826RP) Large cabin heavy jets offer the greatest level of comfort and capacity. The Gulfstream G300 features a spacious cabin with seating for up to 14 passengers. It is a sleek, fast aircraft with a cruising speed of 575 mph and a range of 3,800 miles, making it an ideal option […]

  • Phenom_N321VA

    Phenom 100

    Phenom 100 LIGHT JET (N148MW) The Embraer Phenom 100 is a very light private jet with next generation technology, incorporating style, comfort, performance, and reliability. The 100 also claims to contain the most highly intuitive and professional aircraft cockpit available in the entry-level jet market. With a range of 1100 nm, and a high speed […]

  • Challenger 601-3A

    Challenger 601-3A   HEAVY JET (N139LJ) The Challenger 601-3A is a large cabin aircraft with a flight range over 3,800 miles, perfect for domestic roadshows and international travel. The spacious cabin and comfortable seating allow for relaxation, while a list of amenities allow you to make the most of your travel time from the full […]

  • Challenger 601-3R

    Challenger 601-3R (N75EM) This large cabin heavy jet has a range of 3,800 miles and room for up to 12 passengers. HEAVY JET (N75EM) The Challenger 601-3R is a sleek, fast large cabin aircraft with a flight range over 3,800 miles. It is a perfect option for domestic roadshows or longer trips aboard where business […]

  • Citation X

    Citation X (N80EM) The newest addition to our fleet, this super midsize jet has a range of 3,700 miles with accommodations for up to 8 passengers. SUPER MIDSIZE JET (N80EM) The Citation X has excellent performance for a super-midsize aircraft. The short landing distance and coast to coast range make this aircraft perfect for domestic […]

  • Hawker 800XP

    Hawker 800XP (N343SC) A versatile midsize jet with a range of nearly 3,000 miles and spacious seating for up to 8 passengers. MIDSIZE JET (N343SC) The Hawker 800XP is a twin engine corporate jet with excellent performance in range, speed and fuel efficiency. Agile and economical, it is the most versatile private jet size, often […]

  • photo of Skystream Jet Citation CJ3 exterior

    Citation CJ3

    Citation CJ3 (N51EM) Combining performance and speed, this light jet has a range of 2,200 miles for up to 6 passengers. LIGHT JET (N51EM) The CJ3 offers excellent performance for a light cabin aircraft with surprising endurance that allows for longer flights than most other aircraft in its class. With a short landing distance and […]