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Safety is our Top Priority. We continually commit human and financial resources to maintain, or in many cases exceed, all flight, maintenance, occupational safety, and health standards and regulations.

We are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for our clients and to providing a safe and healthy workplace by preventing injuries and property or environmental damage. We continually strive to improve safety with enhanced policies, processes, and systems, and to maintain an environment of mutual trust, unrestricted communication, and full accountability. We also maintain a Safety Management System that establishes safety objectives linked to safety performance indicators and our safety performance targets.  

Wingman Audit

Every 24 months, our Certified Safety Department undergoes a comprehensive audit to verify our compliance with the performance-based Wingman standard.

Safety Program

Our flight leaders validate their high level of safety performance through on-going quarterly mini-audits to ensure our fleet maintains peak safety and performance.

The PASS Program

Skystream Jet participates in PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey), providing Wingman Standard, trip-specific PASS reports to all our clients.


  • Flawless Safety Record
  • Trained, Certified Team
  • Integration of Safety by Design
  • Safety Management System
  • SMS Awareness and Education
  • Routine Inspections
  • Quarterly Mini-Audits
  • Pre-Flight Checks
  • Application of Operational Risk Management
  • Detailed Record Keeping
  • Just Culture Work Environment

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